Looking back to look forward...

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It seems such a long time ago since I wrote a blog, as it doesn't come naturally, but I thought what better day to start writing again than on National Poetry Day.

Some say never look back, but I guess that depends on the context in which that could be taken as quite relevant, but when it comes to photography I find it an impossibility not to look back, whether that's for inspiration, memories or when I'm out in the field with my camera.

In a nutshell, my story began in 2007, after watching the ITV programme in which Wastwater in the Lake District was voted by the public as Britain's Favourite View...I wanted to see it for myself, but me being me I thought I'd try and capture it differently.

It was a busy time on my return, and having amassed hundreds of photographs on my little compact camera, I selected only a couple to show during Banks Mill Open Studios, where I had the opportunity of sharing my work with visitors, welcoming them into 4.11, my lovely studio at that time.


As a result of seeing my work at Open Studios, I was invited to exhibit at the Royal Derby Hospital as part of Northern Lights, the Air Arts Autumn/Winter exhibition 2008, and little did I know this was to be the beginning of a continuing relationship for me with the arts team and numerous members of staff through subsequent projects based at the hospital.

It also gave me the opportunity to collaborate with friend and poet Jo Bell, as she saw me working on the images of Wastwater for the hospital, and began reciting beautifully the words of one of her poems, I immediately knew it was perfect.

I've always been of the mind to let my work grow organically, which takes time and can be hard on the purse strings, but I believe that patience and having that continual creative passion has a way of bringing its own rewards.

Moving The Chair

"I Sit Where I Always Sit
And I am reminded of the Little Prince
Whose planet was so small

He pulled forward his chair
Several times an hour
To see a different sunset

Of course one can sit still
If wishing only for a single point of view

Never sit still be restless uncomfortable
Fidget Move the Chair" 
Jo Bell

© valerie dalling

© valerie dalling