Ten Favourite Books

Added on by valerie dalling.

I was recently nominated on Facebook by artist and tutor Max Hale www.maxhaleart.co.uk to share my ten favourite books.As you can imagine I found this very difficult to narrow it down, particularly as I've recently had to buy new bookshelves to accommodate my art and photography collection alone.

You may probably already know about it, but the idea is you then nominate three friends to do the same and so it goes on, spreading like a virus. I thought it was a great idea to read between the covers, a chance to get to know each other a little more through literary interests.

Mine focus mainly on my creative path, with just a snippet of who has influenced me along the way. There's also two very special self published books produced as a result of my work with the community, another from my younger days and one fairly recent purchase where I can relate to something on virtually every page…it makes me smile, and feel good.

Anyway, here's my ten in no special order, although I think you'll work it out.

The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame
Ways of Seeing - John Berger
Landscape and Memory - Simon Schama
Approaching Photography - Paul Hill
Examples The Making of 40 Photographs - Ansel Adams
John Blakemore Photographs 1955-2010 - John Blakemore
Turner Whistler Monet - Katharine Lochnan Tate
A is for Alvaston - Oakwood Junior School Photographers
2012 Through Our Eyes - Ockbrook and Borrowash Image Club
Plotting for Grown-ups - Sue Hepworth

Why not ask someone you know to share their ten favourite books, it's an opportunity to pick up a few titles and who knows, maybe even add some of them to your own collection.