In 2003 Derbyshire Artist Valerie Dalling took the leap and embarked on three years of study at the University of Derby in order to pursue her passion for fine art photography. Since starting out on her creative path, Valerie has been inspired by many, but the landscape will always remain her biggest influence and where she feels most at home.

Valerie has been involved in numerous commissions, from arts in health and schools, as well as ongoing personal projects including the effects of coastal erosion and her latest Drive Time Journeys, as she explores the Peak District by car and camera.

She enjoys working with the community, and in 2008 founded The Image Club, launching her first monthly photo forum. From beginners to those with photographic experience, she has a particular interest in how others visually respond to the world around them, encouraging discussions on image making, through the sharing of ideas and knowledge, in relaxed and informal environments.

Valerie is also known for her Walks with the Camera, and would welcome the opportunity of taking a walk in the landscape with you, your friends or a group you may be associated with. 

If you would like to be kept informed of all upcoming events please complete the mailing list below. There is also a form on the Contact page for any more specific enquiries, commissions or purchases. Thank you.

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